Brian Chicoine


Hey everyone! My name is Brian Chicoine. I’m a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis MN. I started playing guitar and writing music in 2004. However, my earliest musical memories were way before that. Being a 90’s child, I grew up with the pickles (tommy to be specific). Rugrats wasn’t just a TV show. It was a religion to my 3 yr old mind. I remember running into the living room, sitting down at the piano and working out that intro like it was the only job I would ever have in this world. ​

Then I grew up…and started writing my own musical thoughts down (Don’t worry, I can still play the Rugrats Intro). It started as an easy way for me to get out complicated feelings. As a freshman in high school, I went through my fair share of crushes and “serious” relationships. Music was a way for me to express what I couldn’t talk about.

In 2006 I purchased an 8 track digital recorder and attempted to record. I say attempted because listening to it now, I wasn’t very good at it. With a cheap studio condenser microphone and an old, run-down piano, “stalker” and “few and far between” were born. ​

In 2008 I moved out to Minneapolis for college. I continued to play small acoustic shows and dorm room jam sessions for the next 4 years, but it wasn’t until Jan 2013 that I decided to take the leap to full band performances. With my good friend Nick Tucker (drums) and his roommate Lee Carter (bass), we played a few shows and had a blast. Shortly after, I released the EP “If So Let Me Know”. 

Now, I'm focused on my next EP, set to release summer 2014. We're in the process of recording and writing and it's an absolute blast. I can't wait to let you guys hear it!



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